Chanel Le Volume Ultra Noir de Chanel

Black. Blacker than black. Coal-black. Inky-black. Jet black. Black as night. Black-as-it-gets. All of the above describe this fab new mascara from Chanel, which uses carbon pigments to achieve the absolute pure black coverage, which - if you wiggle it into the roots - also creates a sort of eye-lining effect.

We're finding it beautifully lash-conditioning (there are natural waxes and acacia gum, to build volume). The wand's fantastic: a mix of long, lash-swooping bristles, and shorter, supple bristles to define. In short, it's very 'customisable', enabling you to get the sort of effect you'd like.

And although it's rare to find a 'one-mascara-fits-all' product, this comes pretty darned close.

Chanel Le Volume Ultra Noir de Chanel at£25