Chanel Le Vernis (645 Paradiso)

We have discovered something in recent years: just as pearls flatter the face, so do pearly polishes flatter the hands. For some time Jo's been wearing a beautiful Tom Ford nail polish which is exactly the shade of real pearls. Happily, just as she got to the bottom of her very last bottle, this appeared on the scene: a delicious pearl colour with the merest hint of green. (It looks greener in the bottle - and this visual - than on the nails.)

The finish is fab, the staying power impressive. And when you're wafting around pearlised nails, nobody's going to notice that your hands aren't - well, 12 any more...

UK readers find Chanel Le Vernis (645 Paradiso) at£18 (NB scroll down for the colour when you get to this page)