Champneys Spa Accessories

Few brands have such hands-on experience offering treatments as Champneys - so we're not really surprised at the brilliance of this new accessories range.  It features several 'spa accessories' we've never seen before - but can't live without, now.  For instance:  the niftiest little Precision Fingernail Clippers, which let you nibble away at teeny chips and nail flakes without taking off big chunks.  And the 6 Way File & Nail Buffer:  not the usual four sides, but six - to shape, neaten, even out and shine nails.  The so-clever Luxury 'C' Toe Separators:  instead of uncomfily fitting toe separators throughout, these just go between the second and fourth nails, for smudge-free application.  And perhaps our favourite:  a Cosmetic Pencil Sharpener, which features 'stoppers' on the holes, to stop shavings of pencil trashing your kit while you carry it around.  Every one a winner, actually! UK readers find Champneys Spa Accessories in Boots stores nationwide