Champneys Distant Shores Shower Mousse

Remember when shower gels (not to mention bubble baths) just stripped your skin…?  This is a whole different ball-game. It froths gorgeously and generously, and smells sensational:  really fresh and energising, with an expert blend of zesty lemon, orange peel and grapefruit oils, tethered with a touch of cedarwood.

Our only challenge with the Champneys range (which is a) affordable and b) very high quality) is its sheer overwhelming size – but this is well worth making a bee-line for.  It has a truly sensual texture - and leaves skin soft and nourished, not tight and dry (thanks to mango and passion fruit extracts).

Matey, it ain't.

UK readers find Champneys Distant Shores Shower Mousse at£XX for 200 ml - buy here