Cath Kidston Star Lime & Mint Body Lotion

Our bodies are starting to glug everything we slather on them, now that the weather's turning. And with an average of more than 1.5 square metres of skin to cover (if you're a woman), that can mean quite a lot of body lotion.  Which gets expensive.

So you might like to know about this whacking great tube of body-smoother from Cath Kidston - who can barely put a foot wrong, in our books.  (You might like to read what Jo wrote about her on a Telegraph Wonder Women blog, actually, here.)  It's made by Heathcote & Ivory - who we also have a great prize draw running with, right now.  (You can click here to enter that.)

This rich, nourishing, sinks-in-fast, silkifying body lotion comes in two scent options:  we are loving the scent of Lime & Mint (there's a touch of mandarin in there, as well);  there's a soft floral Rose & Peony option, too.  It's a 'conventional' rather than a botanical formulation, but highly effective at trapping skin's own moisture - and at this price, a bucketful's not out of reach.  (Which is exactly what thirsty bodies need, right now.)

And - being Cath Kidston - it will of course look gorgeous on the bedside table.

UK readers find Cath Kidston Star Lime & Mint Body Lotion at£7 for 250 ml - buy here