Cailyn IT Bubble O2 Mask

This is probably the most beauty fun we've had in the bath since Matey bubbled us clean, as kids. And there's a bubble action here - well, more of a foaming, fizzing, 'Space Pops' sort of sensation, actually, as this brightening face mask swiftly gets to work on a tired face. From the same folks who brought us the very excellent Dizzolv'It MakeUp Melt Cleansing Balm comes a açai berry-powered mask which has a pretty unique action.

Apply generously to a cleansed face - and wait for the 'magic'. The pleasant gel-texture 'puffs up' into a foam, which works on the skin in all sorts of ways.

The açai is skin-brightening, while tea tree oil banishes impurities. There's a gentle touch of glycolic acid (not enough to trouble our touchy skins), which - together with citric acid (vitamin C) and lactic acid - accounts for the radiance-boosting action.

It truly is a fab fast fix - and way kinder to skin than Matey ever was.

It's frothy, man. And we're really loving that...

UK readers find Cailyn Cosmetics Bubble O2 Mask at£30 for 100 ml