Cailyn Bounce It Aqua Memory Gel

Oh, but this is a FUN moisturiser (and how often can you say that???) It wobbles. It wibbles. It's jelly-like in the jar - and then when you put it onto skin, the magic really happens. Perfect for central-heating-parched complexions (and that just about means all of us right now), we're loving how skin positively slurps this innovative formula up, looking instantly firmer, plumper (that's 'in-a-good-way-plumper'), healthier and - well, just happier. Though it calls itself a 'gel', there's definitely enough skin-quenching power there for drier complexions.

Not one for our 'natural' beauties, perhaps - but we know there are plenty of you out there who like high-tech skincare, and this most definitely is. The moisturisation really lasts - and this creates a beautifully smooth base for make-up.

Definitely more bounce to the ounce, too.

UK readers find Cailyn Bounce It Aqua Memory Gel at£40 for 50 ml