Butter London Colour Hardware Nail Art Tool Kit

Nail art is e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. Now, we actually file 'nail art' under 'Not. Going. To. Happen.' (Well, not unless someone does it to us, at a press launch.)

But we're aware of the countless blogs dedicated to nail art creativity, and we know enough about it to have spotted that this clever little kit features all the little accessories that a would-be or keen amateur nail artist might need to create different looks.

From the very excellent polish company Butter LONDON (lower case 'p' - they're not from Poland!), this features the following:

Double-ended dotting tool, for that 'dotty' effect (two sizes of dots possible with this).

Clean-Up Brush - you simply dip this in nail polish, and brush away imperfections.

• Long striping Brush - perfect for long strokes and bold lines (and, presumably, tiger effects, which seem to be very popular!)

• Ombré Brush - for shaded 'ombré' designs.

Nail file - because obviously, smooth edges should be a given. Ragged-y nail art? Different lengths? Not a good look.

The kit also comes with lots of get-the-look suggestions, in a very nifty little Elastoplast-style tin (only more glamorous, obviously).

So: we can think of several teens to give this to. And if you're the sort of sad soul who (like us) starts thinking about Christmas presents now, this might just nail it, for a couple of people on that list.

UK readers find Butter LONDON Colour Hardware Nail Art Tool Kit at www.butterlondon.co.uk/£20 - buy here