Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation and Unifying Powder

This fab so-comfy-to-wear foundation is an existing Beauty Bible must have – but Bourjois has revamped the formulation, adding extra fruity ingredients (a bigger squirt of radiance-boosting apricot, hydrating melon, plus apple ‘for youth protection’, as they put it).  Antioxidant vitamin C features, too. It’s airily light, creamily smooth and gives an I-can’t-believe-you’re-wearing-foundation nude look, with a dewy finish.  Is it an improvement on the original?  To be honest, we can’t perceive a difference – but since it’s the skin-caring benefits rather than the cosmetic aspects that have been ramped up, maybe that’s not surprising.

For a slightly more matte finish, use the matching’ powder – Bourjois claim the mattifying effect lasts for 10 hours.  (We’d say slightly less, but hey.)  It’s light and non-caking – and even if you spring for both, you’ll still have change from £20.

And it’s hard to improve on that, for a foundation and powder duo.

UK readers find Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation at£10.99 for 30 ml - buy here - and Healthy Balance Unifying Powder/£8.49 - buy here