Bourjois Colorband Crayons

Despite being beauty editors, we actually like a make-up routine that has us out of the door in a couple of minutes, most days.

So: smoosh these budget-friendly crayons round the eye zone and you'll have a smokey-ish look in no time. (The grey and black shades are of course best for that, but if you also fancy a touch of shimmer on the brow-bone, 03 Beige Minimaliste is just the ticket.)

You can layer and blend them to achieve something quite smokey and seductive - but generally, what we want is some definition round the lash-line and Colorband Crayons deliver in (yes) the blink of an eye.

Budge-proof, too. Apply in the morning, and they'll definitely be there at the end of the day, without creasing in the meantime.

Put-it-on-and-forget-it. Frankly, that's how we like our make-up.

UK readers find Bourjois Colorband Crayons at£5.99 each