Bourjois Brow Beauty Touch

This isn't the first brow-illuminating pencil we've come across, but it's great - and it's really a 'steal' compared to the others on the market. (File under: Bourjois does it again.) Beautifully shaped and groomed brows can work like an eye-lift. (Without surgery, stitches or the need to hide yourself in a darkened room for several weeks.) But the finishing touch - once you've groomed and pencilled-in your brows - is a little touch of illuminator on the brow-bone, which works like magic to open up the eye.

Simply add a few strokes of this soft-textured baby under the arch of the brow and blend with a finger. Try a touch or two at the inner corner of the eye, around the tear duct. Then look in the mirror - and hey, presto: more wide-awake, younger-looking eyes.

And yes, it really is that simple.

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