Botanifique Magnifique Masque

Meet the women in the iron mask. Us.

This, from a new (and pretty huge) botanical brand just landed here, is like nothing we've ever seen or tried before.

The 'magnifique' doesn't mean 'magnificent'; it means 'magnetic'.

Open the pot and there's a black, grainy mask in there. A bit more like an exfoliator than a traditional skin-quenching mask, actually. You apply this to a cleansed face, and wait 5 or 10 minutes.

And then the interesting bit. The mask comes with a magnet - yes, a magnet - which you glide over the face, and the mask (which is seriously iron-rich) is attracted to it, taking grime and dead skin cells with it. Literally there's not a speck left on your face. Along with the iron, there's jojoba and borage seed oils, rosemary, basil and sage - so it doesn't smell like iron, but more botanical.

It's weird but really rather wonderful, and definitely a face-waking discover that's very welcome in the middle of the party season, when we need to look sparkling and peppy even when we don't feel it.

UK readers find Botanifique Magnifique Mask at£60 for 50 ml - buy here