Bohemian Naturals fragrances

We're often asked for recommendations for natural fragrances - so we're happy to have these to recommend.  Their creator is called Shannon Victoria, and a while back she moved from California to Edinburgh, in search of adventure. The adventure turned out to be an olfactory one:  Shannon pursued her passion for aromatherapy, and began researching the art of perfumery.  She set out to create fragrances using 100% natural fragrances - so Bohemian Naturals are entirely free from synthetic chemicals).  They're also free from known irritants, featuring organic alcohol and skin-friendly orchid flower extract.

And did we say they smell just lovely?  (And last well on the skin, too, which isn't true of most natural perfumes.)  Amber Rose is warm and sultry, with hints of rose, amber, tobacco leaf, preceded by a burst of zesty bergamot, created to conjure up sultry Spanish nights.  Thai Sunshine is spiced with ginger and lemongrass, fused with white flowers, on a cedarwood base.  But our favourite is definitely the touch-of-hippie Indian Davana, in which the freshness of grapefruit gives way to lingering notes of earthy patchouli, sandalwood and amber.

They come in a roller-ball format to glide onto pulse-points - and a little dab will do.

Personally, we can't wait to find out where Shannon's fragrant travels transport us to next.

UK readers find Bohemian Naturals at£30 for 4 ml - buy here