Body Shop Midnight Bakula fragrance

So we're having coffee with the Body Shop PR and find out something really fascinating:  that every year, just for Ramadan, they reissue a fragrance called Midnight Bakula.  Who knew...? So we suggest you get yourself to a Body Shop to smell it PDQ, because this is a secret that anyone with a love of warm, spicy fragrances will want to be in on.  It features notes of rose, patchouli, and a hint of nectarine and musk, for a honeyed sweetness - and it's surprisingly deep, sensual and mysterious on the skin - amazingly long-lasting.  (Had us sniffing our wrists for hours.)  Great for summer nights, we think.

It is, as the marketing strategy suggests, much loved by Body Shop's Arabic customers:  it taps into the rich traditions of the Arabic culture, which was the cradle of perfumery.

But if, like us, you hunger for this rather special, very affordable limited edition, better get to a Body Shop.  Fast!

UK readers find Body Shop Midnight Bakula fragrance at£7.50 for 50 ml - buy here