Bobbi Brown Deluxe Lip & Eye Palette

We cannot think of a 'bestie' who wouldn't love you forever if you gave them this. Frankly, every eye colour you'd ever need - and every lip shade - is featured in this tortoiseshell compact. And we love its 'action': open up and the tray of eyeshadows 'elevates' - while you can slide out the bottom layer, for eight suits-all-skintones lip shades, hand-picked by Bobbi. (And we know for a fact: she still does this stuff herself.)

Some shimmering shadows, alongside the mattes - but nothing we wouldn't put on our own lids.

And you think we're parting with the palette we've got? 'Besties', you can dream on.

UK readers find Bobbi Brown Deluxe Lip & Eye Palette at£59 - buy here