Bobbi Brown Customizable Palettes

It is one of life’s great frustrations that most eyeshadow palettes contain one or two shades we like to use, and the rest just sit there untouched by a brush. Ever. Once again, our oh-so-practical friend Bobbi Brown rides to the rescue with three palettes which are entirely customisable.

You buy the empty palette (see picture above) and fill it with the shades you actually wear. (In our case, something in the ivory spectrum, a taupe and a brown. With maybe a touch of shimmer in a fourth light shade, to open the eye; after a certain age, too-matte isn’t too flattering at all.)

The 6 Pan Palette could perhaps be personalised with the addition of a shade or two of blush, while there are 4 Pan and 3 Pan Palette options, too. And being Bobbi, there are dozens of very wearable shades to click into them.

To go with the launch of the Customizable Palettes, Bobbi Brown counters are offering complimentary Makeup Bag Refresh Makeup Lessons on how to keep your kit organised – just perfect for this ‘back-to-school’ time of year, we’d say.

Bobbi Brown Customizable Palettes, £7 each (plus the cost of individual products)/