Bobbi Brown Art Stick

We sometimes wonder if lipstick's going to disappear without trace, now that pencils have made it so easy to apply lip colour. These are slightly different, though: just like a giant, fat, chubby pencil - but rather than being sheer, they are an easy way to smooth on a lipstick finish, which really lasts. (Up to six hours, they promise - though that's more for the stain than the velvet finish, we find. Good going, nonetheless.)

Bobbi's Art Sticks come in eight fab shades;  Dusty Pink is a suits-all-skintone shade, but we're rather loving the deep, rich, berry tones of Cassis (still hanging onto winter colours, round here, before we go all glazed and shiny!)

One caveat: be a good girl and be sure to sharpen regularly: you seriously don't want to rub a wooden stump across those precious lips of yours...

UK readers find Bobbi Brown Art Stick at£19 - buy here