BetterYou Vitamin DLux 3000

We all need vitamin D for strong bones - but at this time of year it has a real role to play in prevening S.A.D., or 'winter gloom' as we (and Eeyore) think of it. There is, we're told, a national shortage of vitamin D, because of our sedentary, indoorsy lifestyles - and if you're feeling the winter 'blahs', it may well be you're not getting enough.

BetterYou's spray is a completely brilliant way to take your vits, though:  just spritz under the tongue and the powerful concentration of Vitamin D in this is so easily absorbed by the body.  They offer a DLux 400 and DLux 1000 spray, but this is a higher-dosage bottle (Jo, as the veteran of a couple of broken wrists, is now taking this version, for bone-boosting).  The nice, clean, minty taste almost makes it double as a breath-freshener!

Why take a liquid rather than a capsule?  There's a very instructive feature about vitamins (including D) by überpharmacist Shabir Daya here, on the Victoria Health website, which explains that because vitamin D is oil-soluble, there can be challenges absorbing it from a pill.

So:  think of this as your morning ray of sunshine.

UK readers find BetterYou Vitamin DLux 3000 at£7.95 for 15 ml (approximately 100 measured doses) - buy here