Benefit Primping With The Stars

And another winning kit, from Benefit. Honestly, it’s as if these guys sit around their San Francisco offices going, ‘So:  how are we going to thrill Beauty Bible today?”'

And this (as the name implies) is a show-stopper of a collection.  It features genius travel sizes of their global bestsellers. (We have a soft spot for dinky-sized products because we just don’t like lugging around a lot of make-up.  Bad for backs, y'know.)

In this ‘book-shaped’ kit, you’ll find The Porefessional (which won a Beauty Bible Award not for its pore-disguising powers but somewhat surprisingly as a line-smoother).  There’s Girl Meets Pearl, a flattering highlighter (we love it on the brow-bone, but it’s great tapped onto dry-looking skin to deliver a fresh dewiness).  And Stay Don’t Stray, a revolutionary primer:  you apply it under eyeshadow, or under concealer to ‘fix’ it.  (Yes, we know, yet another beauty step, but if it stops make-up sliding off your face, a worthwhile one.)

Benetint (the original see-thru cheek tint) also features, as does Some Kinda Gorgeous:  a cream-to-powder sheer foundation.  (This is simply brilliant kept in a handbag for day-long touch-ups.)

And last but absolutely by no means least, there’s a dinky size of Benefit They’re Real, which recently scooped a CEW Award (and is the UK's No. 1 bestselling mascara!):  unscrew the lid and it’s almost all brush – which is the secret of this world-class lash-booster.

Plus the bonus:  on the inside of the lid is a booklet of truly excellent beauty tips.

It’s gone straight onto our beauty ‘A List’.

UK readers find Benefit Primping with the Stars at£26.50 – buy here US readers find it at$32 - buy here