Benefit Dream Screen

The sun's almost at its highest in the sky right now - which means it's at its most intense. As a result, we absolutely recommend wearing a high SPF facial cream, at all times. Trouble is, many of the higher-numbered products do, we concede, leave a milky-white veil on skin. (Either that, or they're very rich and creamy, and quite hard to apply make-up on top of unless you're prepared to hang around tapping your fingers for aeons.)

 So - ta-dah! - Benefit rides to the rescue yet again. Dream Screen Broad Spectrum SPF45 is just that:  a 'broad spectrum' sunscreen (so it really does shield against those ageing rays), offering (yes) an SPF45.

 What's so impressive, though, is the texture: it's extremely light, and disappears into skin leaving it silky, but matte. (Another gripe about facial suncare: it can make you look really shiny.)

 It's fragrance-free - and the cleverly-designed bottle features a 'shake ball', so you get just the right amount, application after application.

 Benefit like to come up with jokey names for their products - but Dream Screen just says it all, in this case.

UK readers find Benefit Dream Screen at£25 for 45 ml - buy here