Benefit Crescent Row gift set

We are sad, sad women.  Not quite sad enough to buy tickets to dollshouse shows (yes, there are many, all over the country, every year).  Or sad enough to needlepoint miniature carpets. Or make munchkin-sized cottage loaves out of salt dough and painstakingly paint on a just-out-of-the-oven baked finish with a fiddly little brush, come to that. But we still have a soft spot for teeny-tiny things, and one of the reasons we fell in love with Benefit’s Crescent Row fragances was the gorgeous, mini- roomset way they’re showcased in store.  (We once suggested to identical twin Benefit founders Jane and Jean that they create an on-line dollshouse with furniture you could move with a mouse, but tragically they didn’t take us up on it.)

Now, this limited edition gift set recreates that gorgeous ‘miniature’ vibe:  four diminutive, cocktail-shaker shaped perfume sprays, containing bestselling Laugh with me LeeLee (a flirty, feminine woodsy-floral), My place or yours Gina? (a pretty darned sexy Oriental). Ring my Bella (fruitily floral) and See and Be Seen Sasha, a bold floral and the latest addition to the Crescent Row stable.

We can think of plenty of people on our Christmas list who’d go completely dotty for this.

And quite a lot of them aren’t small, at all…

UK readers find Benefit Crescent Row Limited Edition Gift Set at£29.50 - buy here

US readers find it at£36 – buy here