Benefit Agent Zero Shine

Benefit are jolly good at pores, and shiny faces, and all sorts of oily-skinned woes. And since we know (from questions and in-person feedback) that open pores are pretty high on your list of beauty angsts, you'll probably want to know about Benefit Agent Zero Shine.

It's clever stuff:  a powder-dispenser (just 'twist and tap' to release the powder into the brush), which sweeps on to smooth the appearance of pores, and nix shine.  It's a sort of 'sister' product to Benefit The POREfessional, which has become one of their iconic bestsellers (and is the top 'line-smoother' in our book The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible, too:  it's not ONLY great for pores, but great for 'turning back the clock'...)

We've said it before, we'll say it again:  Benefit's laugh-out-loud names and cartoonish packaging sometimes give the impression their products are just for fun, whereas they're really serious, effective 'fix-its' for women of every age.

Pores for thought, we'd say.  (And on this rare occasion, we beat Benefit to the pun.)

UK readers find Benefit Agent Zero Shine at£23.50 - buy here