BeautyWorksWest Anti-Ageing Body Cream

BeautyWorksWest is a West London medi-spa with a retinue of serious experts on board (including renowned cosmetodermatologist and anti-ageing expert Dr. Daniel Sister). Their iconic product is a skin supplement called Youth, but this is what’s exciting us most:  a luscious body cream which we first discovered at the Cosmetic Executive Women Product Demo Evening (also known as the Bunfight of the Year).

It offers instant relief to dry skin, and really has a plumpifying effect.  We’re great advocates that anti-ageing shouldn’t stop at the vest-line, but continue down the body – and currently, this is our absolute slather-of-choice.

Although it’s super-rich, it sinks in quickly, and smells deliciously, lightly citrussy:  a clean, wake-up smell.  It’s almost completely natural (that means a lot to us in a body treatment, since you get through so much of it – in sheer square footage terms - product compared to a facial moisturiser).

Key age-defying ingredients include mangosteen, calendula and pomegranate, with lashings of cocoa butter and shea butter to lock in moisture.

Keeping our bodies looking that bit less crêpe-y (and that bit more soft and smooth) has rarely been so indulgently pleasurable.

UK readers find BeautyWorksWest Anti-Ageing Body Cream at£31 for 225 ml – buy here