Beauty Clinic: Hanging onto a summer facial glow

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Q. I want to tint my pre-summer, lighter-toned foundation so I can wear it with my post-summer holiday, slightly tanned skin. What’s the best way please?

A. The simplest way is to add a few drops of bronzing fluid.  One of our long-time favourites is Dr. Hauschka Translucent Bronzing Tint/£28.50 for 30 ml, which we mix with foundation – or moisturiser (which it was designed for) or BB cream, anything really – to customise the shade we want. 

It does, we find, need a bit of experimenting to determine the exact right amount. We usually mix on our hands, putting on a blob of foundation then adding a very little bit of the Tint. It’s very concentrated so we often find that first tiny splodge is enough. Try a dab just above your jawline – as you would when choosing foundation. If it disappears, then that's the right ratio.  Too pale, add a teeny bit more Tint, too dark, another dab of foundation.

You can, by the way, use it on its own for a pretty sheen if your skin is quite tanned.  It does promise to ‘blend and soften the appearance of blemishes and imperfections’ too, but it’s a very light touch on that score.

Another option, which we haven’t tried ourselves but is getting good reviews, is The Body Shop Honey Bronze Drops of Sun, part of their Honey range. It does look a bit scarily dark in the dropper bottle and the brand says you only need one drop blended into foundation or moisturiser. Buy from Body Shop BTW as it’s much cheaper (£12 plus postage under £25) than other online retailers (we've seen it at £18 plus £3.99 postage).

If you’re a fan of bareMinerals bareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation/£28 for 30 ml, you might like to consider adding a drop of the matching Sheer Sun Serum Bronzer/£26 for 30 ml.

Finally – for many years before gradual tanners were developed, we made our own by mixing self-tan into moisturiser. Now there are all sorts of fab gradual tanning options.

As far as customising current products is concerned, we’re impressed by Balance Me Gradual Tanning Drops/£24 for 30 ml, designed for face and body.

It’s designed to be added to moisturisers as part of a daily routine; you just add one to three drops of this 98.8% natural formula, which really couldn't be easier and looks gorgeous.  But we are also now experimenting with customising our foundation, mixing a very few drops (it packs a powerful colour punch) with foundation in a little pot so we have a few days’ worth of product.  And, golly, does it give a gorgeous glow.