Beauty Bible Lip Balm

Verily the season of the chapped lip is upon us.  So we wanted to remind you about our very, very favourite lip balm, which rapidly answers all lip SOS-es. Of course we’re biased.  Because it’s our very own Beauty Bible Lip Balm, which we’ve been proudly slicking on our own lips for the past three years or so.  We’ve never created a product before.  We’ll probably never do one again.  But this is truly and simply the best, best, best lip balm we’ve ever slicked (and in our time, we’ve slicked a gazillion…)  So we had, had, had to do it.

It’s chunkily-sized, and packed to the rafters with vitamin E, aloe vera and organic shea butter.  It’s fast-acting on lips that are already chapped, but works as a really comfortable, non-greasy, non-flavoured barrier against the elements. (We also like it smoothed on on underneath a deep-coloured lipstick, to create a ‘stain’ effect:  just pat with a finger.)

We’ve had lots of fan mail over the years but we’re going to quote our hilarious mate Gill Sinclair at Victoria Health, who rediscovered it recently after mouth surgery, and says:  ‘I have adored this lip balm forever;  nothing comes close to its healing and moisturising qualities – cracked lips and cold sores just don’t seem to exist if you use this daily.  Before I went into surgery I smeared it all over my lips and the first thing I did was to smear it on again – the nurse thought I’d had lip plumping surgery as well as implants – wrong!’

Which certainly puts a smile on our lips.

Our exceedingly well-moisturised lips…

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