Beautiful Movements Mixing Medium Prime & Create

If you’re a fan of mineral make-up, you definitely need to discover this. And if you’re not, ditto:  this could blow a giant hole in any prejudices.

Apply this light-textured silicone gel primer before kabuki-ing on mineral make-up, and it completely banishes the ‘dustiness’ that’s sometimes a feature of this style of powdered make-up.  Instead, the skin looks smooth and flawlessly velvety.

Alternatively, you can use the primer to create a liquid or cream-textured foundation:  put a little in the palm of your hand, tip in some mineral powder foundation, and blend with a brush before applying to your complexion.  (Fingers will do it, but we prefer the staying power from using a brush.)

You needn’t just use it with mineral foundations: it transforms the texture of eye powders and blush minerals into powders, too.

A game-changer, we say.

UK readers find Beautiful Movements Mixing Medium Prime & Create at£20 - buy here