Baylis & Harding Fairtrade bodycare

You probably drink Fairtrade coffee, tea and chocolate and buy Fairtrade bananas.  (At least, we hope you do.  Not least because Jo launched the UK’s first-ever Fairtrade-marked product, Green & Black’s Maya Gold, and we’ve seen with our own eyes the huge difference that it’s made to cocoa-growing communities.) But have you thought about a fairer beauty regime…?  The Baylis & Harding Fairtrade Collection is an excellent place to start, featuring organic Fairtrade honey from South America, Fairtrade olive oil from the Middle East, with walnut shells from the Far East featuring in the Body Scrub, and fragrant verbena…  All certified by the Fairtrade Foundation, naturally.

Frankly, we’d like to see all beauty products sourcing natural ingredients along these ethical, fairer-to-farmers guidelines.

But meanwhile, a pat on the (beautifully-exfoliated, gently-cleansed) back to Baylis & Harding, for putting a little extra ‘care’ into bathcare and bodycare.

UK readers find Baylis & Harding Fairtrade Collection at£3 for each product (ranging from 200-300 ml) - buy here