Bath Spa Skincare The Rejuvenating Powder Serum

Another of the ‘finds’ from the recent Natural & Organic Products Show which we’re delighted to be sharing witn you this week, this isn’t anything we’ve seen before (and we’ve seen a lot in our time…!) A dry, concentrated powder featuring vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, it works on the basis that many active ingredients degrade when in long-term contact with water – the key element in most serums.

With this, you simply tip a dose of the powder into your regular face cream (though of course they’d prefer you to use their Bath Spa Skincare Rich or Light Moisturiser), to ‘custom-create’ a serum-textured product which sets out to boost collagen, elastin and cell renewal, and reduce redness and inflammation. (We’ve given it to a rosacea-prone friend, and will report back.)

Bath Spa Skincare claim (quite boldly) that this offers ‘Five times more antioxidant activity than the UK’s best-selling anti-ageing moisturiser to help slow down the rate of skin ageing.’

It’s too soon to see any real visible turn-back-the-clock benefits (the show was only last week!) – and we hope we’ll be able to put this through its paces with our Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible testers, for a serious assessment – but we like the way that this helps to avoid preservatives (which most water-based products need to prevent breakdown of the actives) and saves shipping water around the country, with the environmental impact which comes with that.

Interesting, home-grown brand – do check it out.

UK readers find Bath Spa Skincare The Rejuvenating Powder Serum at£32 for 30 ml