Bamford Botanical Facial Oil

It seems so blindingly obvious that there’d be a facial oil in Bamford’s range that we did a double-take when this landed on our desk, and had to check it wasn’t a reformulation. Why? Because oils are so easily to create 100% naturally – from a technical point of view – and it seems so natural-in-every-way that this brand (the organically-certified ‘beauty’ equivalent to Daylesford Organic, both founded by Lady Bamford) would already have one in its portfolio.

But no.  And oh, are we glad they waited. With sweet almond oil, rosehip oil and evening primrose oil as key ingredients, Bamford Botanical Face Oil is a fantastically skin-compatible formulation, beautifully scented with Moroccan rose (and we know how much you lot love rose), ylang-ylang and chamomile, alongside traces of blackcurrant and lemon.

So:  it’s sense-soothing as well as skin-soothing. And it really is skin-soothing: this delicate oil works to firm the skin (boosting collagen production), but also to promote healing of acne, eczema, and to clear blocked pores. (It’s a widespread beauty myth that oils block pores. Petroleum-derived oils, yes;  botanical oils – actually, as seen here, they can have the opposite effect.)

It’s great for lacklustre skins – and at this end of winter, even ours are beginning to flag a bit – and just a couple of drops from the sexy, yes, sexy dark green bottle are all skin needs.

Better late than to the party than never, Bamford. Though to be frank, facial oils don’t come much better than this…

UK readers find Bamford Botanical Facial Oil at£40 for 30 ml – buy here