Balance Me Super Toning Body Polish

Our hearts do a little dance when anything new from Balance Me hops onto the desk – and this new scrub doesn’t disappoint. With its energising scent of lavender, juniper, bergamot and geranium, Balance Me Super Toning Body Polish is seriously effective on dry, flaky skin – even rough, tough-to-treat areas like built-up hard skin on feet and elbows, which is generally difficult to target with a mere scrub.

The so-effective skin-buffing ingredient is finely-pulverised walnut spheres – and what we would say is that this makes it effective, but possibly not ideal for use on more fragile areas like the décolletage. The walnut shell factor also makes this more appropriate for use in-shower, rather than in a bath, unless you use it right at the end. (We’re not fans of gritty bottoms, ourselves.)

The formula’s creamy, but you need to follow with moisture to complete the task. The freshly-revealed cells will absolutely slurp up anything you subsequently apply, for super-soft and nourished skin.

UK readers find Balance Me Super Toning Body Polish at£18 for 150 ml – buy here