B. Flawless Targeted Wrinkle Filler

Fact: we are not into Botox.  Almost nothing would persuade us to embark on that route.  But…  another fact!  We did love wrinkle-filling and fading Tri-Aktiline and were gutted when it was discontinued.  (Why that was, we have no idea…) So we did a little jig when we tried B. Flawless Targeted Wrinkle Filler, which claims to immediately reduce the appearance of wrinkles by up to 12 per cent.  Our experience is that it certainly does.  In fact, if asked to do the math, we might also say it looks like more than 12 per cent…

You put it on over your foundation (or tinted moisturiser in Sarah's case – and if you wear powder, that goes on top).  The grooves on Sarah’s forehead faded instantly.  No, of course, they don't disappear - but are definitely less defined, a bit blurrier and softer.

Additionally, manufacturers claim that the combination of tetrapeptide and their trade-marked ingredient called Aquafill mean you will see a longer term benefit, with fine lines and wrinkles reduced by up to 9 per cent in four weeks.

This innovation - from a new budget beauty brand B., which is exclusive to Superdrug - is so worth the investment of a tenner

An absolute 'beauty steal', we’d say.

UK readers find B. Flawless Targeted Wrinkle Filler at www.superdrug.com/£9.95 for 15 ml - buy here