Ayurveda Pura Skin-Radiance Exfoliating Cream Tridoshic

We love a good scrub - but it has to be a 'good' scrub, which in our book means gentle and skin-nurturing, not rough and scratchy.  This - from an Ayurvedic organic beauty company - is just lovely, ideal for buffing away the dingy remains of a faded summer facial tan:  it uses gentle scruffing beads, in a nourishing base featuring jojoba oil, together with a lovely sense-awakening blend of lavender, lemon, mandarin and frangipani oils.  (Great in the a.m., we've found.)  The Ayurveda Pura range won a Green Parent Natural Beauty Award 2013;  most of their products are matched to your 'dosha' - or Ayurvedic 'type' (which you can figure out on their website, www.ayurvedapura.com.)  But this is what's known as 'tridoshic' - meaning it's one-scrub-fits-all.  Beautifully... UK readers find Ayurveda Pura Skin-Radiance Exfoliating Cream Tridoshic at www.ayurvedapura.com/£10.79 for 50 ml - buy here