Aveda Stress-Fix Composition Oil

Anything called 'Stress-Fix' is going to catch our eye. We've raved about this range before, and if they keep launching new de-stressing innovations we'll almost certainly write about them again - because although scant evidence actually exists of the relaxing benefits of essential oils, Stress-Fix combines three which are acknowledged to help the body's stress cycle. Lavender, lavandin and clary sage all feature here, delivering a classic 'Aveda' scent, which always instantly de-compresses us. (It's an almost 'Pavlovian' response, at this stage.)  The little bottle of oil works as a multi-tasker, too: add 3-4 drops to bath water, or massage it into body (and scalp, too, as a pre-shampoo treatment). Alternatively, put a drop or two on a hankie or Kleenex and use it like a 'sniffie' when things feel overwhelming!

UK readers find Aveda Stress-Fix Composition Oil at www.johnlewis.com.com/£22 for 50ml