Aveda Smooth Infusion Smoothing Masque

We’ve had hair masks stacked up like planes around Heathrow waiting to be trialled – in Jo’s case, waiting for her weekly blow-dry. (And the answers to that are: no, her hair isn’t dirty, and b) yes, she thanks her stars every single morning that a blow-dry lasts a whole week without her having to do more than run a vent brush through it.) This Aveda offering only really made it onto our hair radar now, then, after a March launch – but we’re regretting not discovering it sooner. Although designed especially for frizzy hair, or for those of you who fight volume, we think it’s a fab find for anyone who wants sleek, smooth, so-shiny-you-could-almost-do-your-make-up-in-it hair. (Just two to five minutes on the hair is all it takes, and they recommend rinsing with cool water. Personally, Jo likes her final rinse to be Arctic and is convinced that helps the shine, too.)

The organic cupuaçu and shea butter help hair to retain moisture, ‘locking’ it in while helping to keep out moisture from the air – a key cause of ‘the frizzies’. And like absolutely everything that comes out of Aveda, it smells simply divine: a citrus-floral blend incorporating Turkish rose, bergamot, palmarosa and Aussie sandalwood.

It’s a real smoothie, and we think you’ll be pleased to make its acquaintance.

UK readers find Aveda Smooth Infusion Smoothing Masque at www.johnlewis.com/£25 for 150 ml