Aveda Botanical Kinetics™ Hydrating Lotion

Few body lotions can be popular enough to warrant being offered in a whacking great 500 ml (half-litre) bottle - but that just tells you all you need to know about the love for this quick-absorbing lotion from our botanically-minded friends at Aveda. It's completely brilliant for instantly soothing dry and uncomfortable skin - and a bottle like this just begs it to be smoothed from top-to-toe, rather than skimpy little applications hither and thither. A week with this hogging your bedside table, and you'll be pure velvet, we reckon.

Rich in skin-friendly jojoba oil, rice, palm and coconut oils, lightly fragranced with lavender and chamomile, Aveda Botanical Kinetics™ Hydrating Lotion can also be applied to the face, making it a bit of a one-stop moisture shop.

Roll on the one-litre size, we say.

UK readers find Aveda Botanical KineticsTM Hydrating Lotion at www.debenhams.com (stockists 0870-034 2380)/£85 for 500 ml - buy here