Astral Light & Creamy

Astral is a bit of a beauty legend:  like Pond's Cold Cream, Vaseline or Nivea, it's the go-to moisturiser for a surprising number of women who could afford Crème de la Mer - but love a beauty bargain as much anyone.  (That includes Joanna Lumley, who's a long-term fan.) Not everyone, though (and that includes us) is a fan of Astral's very rich texture.  But we're delighted by this new spin on the original:  with antioxidant vitamin E and aloe vera, it lives up to its light and creamy name.  And though it's non-greasy, it moisturises skin beautifully while sinking in fast - creating a perfect canvas for make-up.

Astral call it an 'All Over Moisturiser':  though fine for faces, you can slap it on thirsty bits anywhere.

Actually, at this price, you could almost afford to bathe in it...

UK readers find Astral Light & Creamy at£3.59 for 100 ml - buy here