Aromatherapy Associates Relax Room Fragrance

The last card's posted.  (We hope.)  You've set the 'out-of-office-till-2nd-January-2013' message on your e-mail.  And adjusted the thermostat to eliminate the risk of frozen pipes flooding the place while everyone's enjoying being off work. But simply turning off the adrenaline that results from too-much-to-do-in-way-too-little time during the run-up for Christmas isn't always quite enough to unwind you.  Which is where this dinky little bottle of aromatherapeutic oil from Aromatherapy Associates comes in.

Slavishly devoted as we are to their range of bath oils, we are not quite sure how the existence of this managed to pass us by - but we are overjoyed to have it on our radar, now.

Jo found it while nipping in for a quick 15-minute chair-based shoulder massage last week on Brewer Street, when life suddenly went off the top of the stress-o-meter.  £20 later, a few drops on a low-energy lightbulb, and she was feeling much, much calmer, as the room slowly began to fill with the scent of West Indian bay, geranium and myrrh.  (Really rather seasonal, that.)

Not quite up there with the virgin birth, but still a flipping miracle, as far as we're concerned.  And so we will be reaching for Relax Room Fragrance tonight, to help smooth the transition from frantic over-work to laid-back bliss over the holidays.

And just to say:  we're setting the metaphorical out-of-office message right here - and will be back with a new year of products we love, on 2nd January.

Till then, enjoy.

And stay calm...

(NB  We wouldn't normally drop oils onto a conventional lightbulb, but this worked fine, dropping onto a low-energy bulb before it was switched on, which diffused the scent into the room as it warmed up.)

 UK readers find Aromatherapy Associates Relax Room Fragrance at£20 for 0.34 fl oz - buy here