Aromatherapy Associates Relax Deep Bath & Shower Oil

There is, frankly, no excuse too scanty to yet again feature this amazing bath treat on our site. It probably tops our list of Desert Island must-haves of all time.

'Knockout drops in a bottle' is how we describe this astonishingly powerful bath oil. One capful under the taps really is enough to unwind and unravel you, with its blend of sandalwood, chamomile and deeply grounding vetiver.

So what's the excuse to write about it this time...?

Inexplicably, Aromatherapy Associates just changed the name of this product to Relax Deep, from Deep Relax.

And - slim as it may be - that's definitely enough of a reason for us to remind you of its quite marvellous existence.

UK readers find it in our new SHOP section/£37 for 50 ml (this is the bit of our site where we make it really easy for you to find our most favourite items on-line) - buy here US readers find it at$63 for 55 ml - buy here (NB In the States, it still has the old name!)