Argan+ White Lavender Bathing Collection

Love the soothing, comforting qualities of lavender? Then lie back and wallow in this new offering from 'beauty steal' brand Argan+, which seems to be growing like topsy. Packing a real lavender-ish punch, the White Lavender De-Stress Bath Soak and White Lavender Calm and Comfort Body Wash feature skin-conditioning elements of argan, baobab, kukui oil (trust us: it's the new argan!), morninga and sacha inchi oils, which ensure it's nourishing rather than drying. The lavender isn't old-ladyish, BTW, but soft and almost sensual.

A lovely bedtime bath treat which to help you waft off, without breaking the bank.

UK readers find Argan+ White Lavender De-Stress Bath Soak/£5.95 for 300 ml and Argan+ White Lavender Calm and Comfort Body Wash/£4.95 for 200 ml at