Argan+ Argan Oil Lift & Renew Clay Mask

Gosh, there are some great masks around right now. Why so popular? We think it has to do with the order to ‘Relax for 15 minutes while your mask gets to work’ – a command we’re more than happy to obey. (Sometimes the only 15-minute lie-down in a busy day!) This is a very affordable option, from a ‘steal’ of a range which rarely fails to disappoint us. Though it’s clay-based, the argan means it doesn’t set tight and hard and uncomfortable – and there’s shea butter and passionflower, baobab, moringa, kukui and sacha inchi oils in the luscious mix, too.

But at the same time, kaolin and green clay work to remove gunk and brighten – a great choice for someone who likes the dirt-sucking power (that’s the best way to describe it) of clay, but hates the tight, taut feeling of most clay masks.

We’ve definitely got time for a mask like this…

UK readers find Argan+ Argan Oil Lift & Renew Clay Mask at£8.99 for 125 ml