Aqua Manda Bath and Body

Remember Aqua Manda? Jo certainly does: in fact, she was at least partly instrumental in its renaissance, having started a Facebook group called 'Bring Back Aqua Manda'. And a beauty company did just that, resurrecting this iconic fragrance, which is at first zesty with green mandarin, then softens on the skin to become a soft, sensual Oriental fragrance, with notes of cinnamon, patchouli, juniper, tarragon, ginger and other aromatics. What so many of Aqua Manda's fans remember, though (and we're among them) is that this iconic scent of the 60s and 70s had all sorts of accompanying body indulgences that we could spend our pocket money on. (It really was pocket money, too!)

Cue rejoicing: the fragrance has once again been extended to bath and body treats. So we're wallowing in the Aqua Manda Bath Oil, and enjoying the Aqua Manda Hand & Body Lotion, which have just joined the line-up.

Want to revisit the 70s without a Tardis? A squirt of one of these should do the trick.

UK readers find Aqua Manda Bath Oil and Aqua Manda Hand & Body Lotion at£7.49 each for 100ml