Annee de Mamiel Salvation Body Oil

Until now, we've only been able to enjoy Annee de Mamiel's oils on our faces. (Her seasonal facial oils are legend, among beauty editors.) But this is just sublime: a generous bottle of 'golden nectar', packed with five skin-loving oils - argan, camellia, rose hip, coconut and so-buzzy baobab - and infused with a wonderful essential oil blend of ylang-ylang, rosewood, jasmine and sandalwood.

The key with any body product is that you've got to want to use it.  Well, this has rapidly become a pleasurable nightly ritual - and that diligence has paid off, delivering skin that's incredibly velvety and soft. (And which smells so nice, we can't stop sniffing it!)

Just what our bodies need right now for replenishment, having spent much too long under several layers of (waterproof) clothing.

UK readers find Annee de Mamiel Salvation Body Oil at£60 for 200 ml - buy here