Amy Loves... May/June

Amy loves... perfect scents for shower time, blushing cheeks, fabulous travel skincare and raves about a beautiful brand

Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask

Omorovicza is a beautiful skincare brand that draws on the powers of Hungary’s thermal waters.  All the products I have tried from them do wonderful things to my skin and are utter luxury to use. Their Queen of Hungary Mist is something of a cult classic that I'd hate to be without now, especially when travelling,  and a spritz before applying make-up makes for a lovely, dewy base. If pushed, my ultimate favourite from them is the Deep Cleansing Mask, I’ve had it for a little while and I save it for those days when my skin is looking congested, dull and just very ‘blah’. Its clay nature doesn’t dry my skin at all; in fact, after giving my face a super detox and drawing out all those nasties and impurities, it brightens and really boosts radiance and softness. I know the prices mean these may be a splurge but they do a clever little Starter Kit, containing the mist, mask, Illuminating Moisturiser and Rejuvenating Night Cream, a great way of getting familiar with the brand before splashing out.

•  Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask/£57 for 50 ml at - buy here

•  Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist/£46 for 100 ml at - buy here

•  Omorovicza Starter Kit/£50 at - buy here

Bourjois Cream BlushBourjois Cream Blusher

Blusher is my absolute favourite beauty product of all in the make up world. I love its ability to completely wake up my face and liven up my rather pale skin. I discovered these incredible blushes on my recent trip to Paris, celebrating Bourjois’s 150th Anniversary, and completely fell for them. The formulas are really top notch, super light that blend effortlessly and seamlessly into cheeks, just flushing them enough to give a healthy, youthful glow or you can easily build up the colour to give more of a pop of colour. There are four shades and I think they’re all gorgeous.

•  Bourjois Cream Blusher/£7.99 at - buy here 


Dr Hauschka Body washDr.Hauschka Body Washes

These are just simply extremely lovely body washes: four wonderful scents for different moods and tastes, filled with botanical and essential oils. Soothing Almond, refreshing Lemon Lemongrass, pretty Rose and the star for me is Lavender Sandalwood. A relaxing and harmonising addition to my bath or shower - of course not as potent as an oil but still a great way of unwinding after a busy day. The formulas are fabulously nourishing for my skin, too. Barely need for moisturiser!

•  Dr.Hauschka Body Washes/£12.95 for 200 ml at - buy here


This Works Camera Close UpThis Works in Transit Range

This clever range has been formulated for travelling and use on the go but I think the products stand alone as great skincare and I’m happily using them at home in my bathroom! There are some fabulous cleansing pads infused with rosewater and water mint that are great for freshening up or even for late night make up removal when you just want to crawl into bed.  (We featured them as a Beauty Bible Loveshere.) Muscle Therapy feels like a gift from the heavens after a long day sat at my desk:  the rollerball applicator massages my neck and delivers a dose of marjoram and black pepper to ease tension. But it’s the Camera Close Up that’s like my new best friend on tired mornings, erasing dull and dehydrating skin and acting as a primer to create a plump and bright canvas for make up. You could even use a slightly thicker layer as a mask for a really powerful hit.  It’s a multi-tasking hero!

•  This Works In Camera Close Up/£30 for 40 ml at - buy here

•  This Works In Transit Muscle Therapy/£18 for 50 ml - buy here