Amy loves...March

Amy loves… ultimate spring rehydration for face and hands, a trick for wide-awake eyes and a face mask saviour... PIXI Extra Eyebright Liner

You know those white pencils that you can use to line your eyes - but can look a little harsh..? Well, this pencil (above) is like one of those, only in a much more flattering shade.  It’s sort of a lilac-y/pinky white and is fabulous at creating a little miracle on tired, red peepers.  Like mine. After a few days of non-stop staring at a computer screen, combined with central heating blasting at me from all directions, I was looking in need of a good rest. No time for that - so I fished this out of my make-up tray and I now use it everyday.  It neutralises redness and makes eyes look wide awake - in fact, it makes me look like I’ve had at least 8 hours sleep every time!

•  PIXI Extra Eyebright Liner/£10.50 at - buy here


Weleda Skin Food

Weleda Skin FoodThis winter has left me with the most severe case of dry and dehydrated skin I’ve ever experienced. A peeling nose and scaly cheeks combined with tight feeling and lacklustre skin has been pretty miserable. I usually stay away from heavy creams for my face (LOVE them for anywhere south of there) but I always fear breakouts. Well, I wish I’d stopped worrying and  grabbed this miracle tube a long time ago. It can be used anywhere on the body, so it’s a real multi tasker AND It’s a total bargain, at under a tenner. One desperate application whilst sitting at my desk had soothed, plumped and hydrated me, thanks to organic sunflower seed oil, calendula and chamomile extracts. That night I followed my cleansing with a slather Skin Food and then a layer of Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate (a tip from Jo), to seal in all the goodness. I awoke to baby soft skin and will be using this regime a few nights a week, alternated with the fabulous face mask below…

• Weleda Skin Food/£8.95 for 75 ml at - buy here


Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask

Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask 2With my face screaming for moisture lately, my quest for hydration was complete when I discovered this classic from Origins. The Japanese seaweed is supposed to help your skins natural barrier to prevent future moisture loss. You smooth on a thick layer at night and then hit the sack;  it’s actually worth applying it a while before bedtime, to give it time to absorb a little.  I learnt this from ending up with half of it on my pillow the first time!

• Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask/£20 for 100 ml at - buy here


Balance Me Rose Otto Hand Cream and Tisserand Signature Blend Hand & Nail Cream

Tisserand Signature Blend Hand & Nail Cream

My hands, which are almost a parched as my face, have been happily lapping up these super hero creams. The first, from Tisserand, is very handbag friendly tube (at a purse friendly price) that smells wonderfully of orange blossom, Damask rose and sandalwood essential oils – in fact, it fills my office for ages with the sweet aroma and people have even complimented me on my ‘perfume’ after applying this.

Balance Me Rose Otto Hand Cream

The second is Balance Me’s clever idea of making a lighter (but still ultra luxurious) hand cream version of their gorgeous Rose Otto Body Cream.  (Coincidently, Sarah has featured this as one of her loves this month but I had no idea. Proof that the brand truly do produce products to fall in love with). It sits on my desk and really soothes thanks to organic shea butter, camellia and kukui nut oils. Best of all in sinks into hands in a flash so no mess on the keyboard!

 Tisserand Signature Blend Hand & Nail Cream/£6.75 for 75 ml at - buy here

Balance Me Rose Otto Hand Cream/£14.50 for 100 ml at - buy here