Amy loves... July/August

Amy loves... SPFs for face and lips, giving herself a golden facial treat and a miracle worker against bumpy skin

Willow Organic Beauty Liquid Gold Facial Oil


This simple but ultra-effective facial oil containing rose oil and manuka honey does all that I ask:  it's a pleasure to apply, sinks effortlessly into skin at bedtime and works hard at plumping and hydrating overnight so I wake with a baby-soft and radiant complexion. What's not to love? I'm finding that this is also really fabulous for those days when I've spent a lot of time outdoors and I'm feeling a little sun-beaten:  it's very nourishing and nurses my skin back to normal.  The whole Willowrange is about to have a revamp - so I'm hoping they'll keep this in, as otherwise I'll have to stockpile...!

• Willow Organic Beauty Liquid Gold Facial Oil/£42 for 15 ml at - buy here

Clinique City Block Sheer SPF25

My old faithful:  I just had to give it a little rave.  It's not new but it's hard to beat, in my opinion.  A great formula, super- lightweight, oil-free and slightly tinted - perfect for days when I just want a hint of coverage. It provides UVA and UVB protection (so that's those rays that burn you and also those that age you) and is called City Block because it helps against th pollution, too. It has a clever formula that contains algae to help reduce excess oil, so helps keep me mattified all day. It's also available in and SPF40. A total classic.

• Clinique City Block Sheer SPF25/£16 for 40 ml at - buy here

Chantecaille Lip Screen Tint

Following on from protecting my face from the harsh effects of the sun, this summer I'm also remembering to protect my lips. I have recently noticed that I am starting to get a little discolouration around the very edge of my top lip which may or may not be due to some sun damage - but I'm certainly not taking any chances anymore and am religiously swiping on this pretty lip tint from Chantecaille. Currently only available in two shades, Sardinia (a bright coral) and my fave, Ibiza, a pretty pink. The colours are very subtle, so perfect for everyday and they are wonderful at nourishing and shielding lips from the drying effects of heat. Gorgeous.

• Chantecaille Lip Screen Tint/£32 at - buy here

Avène Akérat Body Cream

This cream was designed to help those with very dry, rough or psoriasis-prone skin.  It contains water captured from thermal springs in the pretty French village of Avène, which has been proven to help relieve painful and irritating skin conditions. Even though I don't suffer from eczema or psoriasis I was advised that this cream is also a miracle worker on those annoying little bumps under the skin that can appear on the tops of arms and thighs (also know as Keratosis Pilaris), especially after a long time concealed in tights and thermals! I started using this a few months ago and my arms are now smooth and bump-free, so now you know my (not so) secret weapon against winter skin!  But right now, my arms are on display in summer frocks - so I couldn't be more grateful, for this...

• Avène Akérat Body Cream/£15 for 200 ml at - buy here