Amy Loves... January

Amy loves… a new mascara for luscious lashes, a pampering body butter, treating her hair with a delicious treatment and an indulgent cleansing oil..  

Agadir Argan Oil Spray Treatment

I mentioned last month that I was trying to grow my hair and although am back on track with my haircare routine, I have been adding this spray (above) to the mix - and I’m having great results. My hair literally laps it up and I’m left with smooth and sleek locks that look infinitely more healthy; the directions say to use on towel-dried hair and then style - but I find that just a teeny spritz into the palms of my hands then smoothed over split ends when hair is dry works like genius. (And it smells gorgeous: lovely and amber-y...)

Agadir Argan Oil Spray Treatment at £18.97 for 150 ml – buy here


Guerlain Maxi Lash Mascara

Guerlain Maxi Lash Mascara






I am officially Beauty Bible's Mascara Correspondent, according to Jo! So here goes, with a new favourite. Waving this golden magic wand over my lashes is certainly helping to brighten up the dullness of these grey January mornings - as well as giving my eyes a wonderful wide-awake look (which they do desperately need!) The mascara itself is fabulously volumising but also seems to have a very nourishing effect: the oils and waxes it contains, thicken lashes as well as conditioning them - and I can really feel this. Plenty of playtime, too: once you apply a layer you can still play about with position rather than those that dry instantly.

Guerlain Maxi Lash Mascara/£22 –available nationwide from 15th January 2013


Jardins D’Eden Unwind Body Butter

Jardins D'EDEN Body Butter

I have resolved that this January will be a month of healthy living, relaxing and pampering. Who wants to go out on a Saturday night in this miserable month anyway...? I will be taking hot baths, reading new books and slathering myself in delicious treats, like this glorious body butter from Jardins D’Eden: three sisters who handcraft all their products in London. This is from their Unwind range and is wonderful when applied before bedtime: the ylang-ylang and lavender essential oils soothe you into a peaceful slumber and leave you waking with soft and nourished skin. I can’t wait to try more from the range!

• Jardins D’Eden Unwind Body Butter at£25 for 200 ml – buy here


AEOS Cleansing Oil

New Year, new cleanser. I’m still crazy for my beloved Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish but do like to dabble with others to see if I’m missing out on anything - and it looks like I have been. This beautiful option is from the organic brand AEOS and contains a delicious selection of essential oils that make using it a true pleasure. It melts everything away, even the stresses of the day thanks to the soothing aroma; to use you simply moisten cotton pads before adding a few drops, then smooth over the face to remove make up and dirt. (Jo's told me she mixes it with her Cleanse & Polish and I'm going to try that!)

AEOS Cleansing Oil at£39.99 for 75 ml – buy here

aeos cleansing oil