Amy loves...February

Amy loves... nude eyes, spring time pastels for nails, a golden hair miracle and (belatedly) joins the BB Brigade... Estée Lauder Heavy Petals Nail Polish Collection

If there ever was a sign that spring is springing then it must be the arrival of the pastels. They’re everywhere and I want them on my nails. Pale and oh-so pretty, these candy coloured treats from Estée Lauder’s Heavy Petals Collection (above) are lifting the grey, dismal skies and have got me thinking ahead to warmer, sunnier days. The five limited edition shades are just like macarons (minus the naughtiness):  the Lilac Leather and Narcissist (a perfect pink) are my favourites - but they’re all so gorgeous that I may have to have a pick and mix theme with one on each fingernail!  Limited Edition though - so go, go, go, get them quick!

Estée Lauder Heavy Petals Nail Polish Collection/£14.50 each are available from buy here


Dr.Jart+ BB Platinum Beauty Balm

Dr Jart+ BB CreamI think I’ve joined the BB Cream bandwagon a little late - in fact, I’m probably last to jump on. I just didn’t understand why I needed ANOTHER product in my make-up bag (it was already bulging!).  BUT now I ‘get it’ thanks to this version from Dr.Jart+. There are four versions, each for different skin concerns.  I like the Platinum one as it has a slightly heavier coverage and means I can wear it alone without the need for foundation.  It smooths over skin, transforming any discolourations (it’s great for the red patches around my nose), illuminates and conceals any blemishes I may have. A little late to the BB cream party - but I’ll be sticking around!

Dr.Jart+ BB Platinum Beauty Balm/£22 for 50 ml at - buy here


Tangle Teezer Gold Rush

Tangle Teezer GoldI have long been a fan of the Tangle Teezer:  its arrival on my desk marked the end of long and painful battles with my hairbrush and more importantly, no more breakages - hurrah!  The clever design makes it comfortable to hold and I don’t know how it manages it (actually it’s something to do with specifically spaced and designed ‘teeth) but it glides through hair, combing through knots and tangles with absolute ease.  And the other thing is that they look super-cute:  there's a constant stream of pretty designs to choose from, but when I saw this glamorous gold version, it was love!  If you have longer hair then you MUST try this!

 Tangle Teezer Gold Rush/£12.25 at - buy here


Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

Urban Decay Naked BasicsThe Naked palettes are best sellers for Urban Decay and the selection of nude colours have won many fans - but they were always a little too shimmery for me, personally.  So I was giddy to see this collection of matte neutrals:  it’s so perfect that I almost feel like throwing all my other eyeshadow, liners and pencils away, because all I need is right here in this compact.  The shades are smooth and rich and go on eyelids effortlessly, the three slightly darker colours included are fabulous for creating depth - and I can even use them for doing my brows.  Genius!

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette/£20 at - buy here