Alterna CC Cream Leave-In Hair Protector

We've had BB creams for faces.  CC creams for faces.  But a CC cream for hair...? CC here stands for 'Complete Correction' - and it's a marvellous multi-tasker, actually.  To quote their list (which is pretty accurate in our humble), Alterna CC Cream Leave-In Hair Protector adds shine, smoothness, softness, strength, heat protection, manageability, anti-breakage and more.  (It's actually called a '10-in-1', which is the most ambitious claim we've ever seen!)

Smooth it through wet hair.  Or dry.  Use it as a leave-in treatment, or rinse out.  We even smooth a touch through hair that's looking a bit - well, frazzled, after a couple of days.  (As with all Alterna products, there's a great scent, too.)  Great for ends, to add a 'piece-y' texture, along with improved condition.

It may say CC on the label, but we think it deserves an A+.

UK readers find Alterna CC Cream Leave-In Hair Protector at Alterna salons nationwide/01925-578000 for locations