Alpha-H Instant Facial

Normally we’d run a mile in our pyjamas from anything labeled a ‘peel’. Much too harsh for our tender complexions. (We don’t approve of anything which creates a ‘reaction’, or redness’, in the hope of a skin improvement ‘action’.) But for an occasional booster, we’ve found this is a quick fix that really works. To quote the press release (um, we just never do, normally – it’s lazy, lazy, lazy), ‘Who needs an Instagram filter when you can pimp your skin in less than a minute with Instant Facial…?’

So: you spritz it onto a cotton pad and sweep over face and neck, avoiding the eye and lip areas. Yes, it tingles – fleetingly. But then you allow it to dry, look in the mirror and… Skin really does look more vibrant and alive. The idea is that regular use avoids dead cell build-up and softens wrinkles, but we’re still not sure we’d use it every day: a twice-a-week treatment seems to be sufficient.

The formula is 93% botanical, using gentle fruit acids (we do think they really are gentle), and a specific marine plankton. As ever, though, we’re less interested in that than what we see in the mirror – which, frankly, is just what the skin doctor ordered at this end of a long year.


UK readers find Alpha-H Instant Facial at£37 for 100 ml – buy here