Along Came Betty

File under 'Beauty Steals'. This Tesco-exclusive range made it onto Jo's radar in a big way recently when she judged Beauty Magazine's annual awards, and got to try quite a few products from the collection. The 40s-inspired packaging's quirky and witty (love a brand that makes us smile on a grumpy morning) - and what else will bring a smile to your face is Along Came Betty's affordability: you're looking at six or seven quid for a quality moisturiser, less for cleansers - and there are some good 'fix-its' in the range, too, whether you're worried about pores, lack of radiance, lines and wrinkles or dark circles. (Convenience is a factor, too: if you're a Tesco shopper, you can toss this in your trolley along with your frozen peas.)

Body products complete the range - and a special favourite is the turbo-charged moisturising Along Came Betty Body Lotion Creme of all Creams, which keeps skin nicely dewy for up to 24 hours.

Wherever Betty came from, we're glad to make her acquaintance.

UK readers find Along Came Betty, priced £3.99-6.99 at Tesco stores and - click here to find it